Graphene possesses outstanding electronic and mechanical properties and is light-weight, configurable and transparent. These unique characteristics will support many exciting improvements of a vast variety of applications used every day. Graphene’s change-effecting potential is so enormous, in fact, that it inspired BGT Materials’s tagline: Redefining Everything!

To meet the variety of needs our customers have, BGT Materials offers a comprehensive catalog of graphene products including CVD graphene, graphene ink, graphene oxide, graphene-enhanced anode materials, and graphene field-effect transistors.

Graphene synthesized by CVD (chemical vapor deposition) is hallmarked by its continuous film-like structure; ultra-thin, flexible, and highly conductive making it ideal for applications such as flexible electronics. Because CVD graphene has the highest electrical and thermal conductivity ever discovered, it has the potential to complement existing transparent conductive materials used in touch panels and displays to enable truly flexible devices. The thickness, or number of layers, of CVD graphene can be precisely controlled and it also has the highest purity of carbon among all graphene-based forms.

Graphene nanoplatelets and graphene oxide consist of graphene flakes of one or few layers with a lateral size of few to tens of micrometers. Powdered graphene can be readily mixed with other components to form graphene-enhanced composites such as our high-performing silicon-graphene battery anode material. Like CVD graphene, graphene powders provide excellent thermal and electrical conductivity to the matrix materials they are mixed with. Additionally, graphene in powder form has a very high specific surface area – incredibly thin but wide – which significantly bolsters the mechanical strength and surface hardness of any composite to which it is added.

A subset of existing applications that graphene could improve: